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Mini Resume Sample and Example

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Example of Mini Resume with Summary, Professional Experience, Education and Skills.

A mini-resume is a brief summary of your work experience, education, credentials and accomplishments. As a result of being so brief, it can be provided upon request to potential employers instead of a standard length resume. It is possible to use this brief resume as an excellent method for getting the word out about you at networking events, employment fairs, or to colleagues and friends who may be in a position for making connections for you. There are two important reasons a mini-resume would help: a mini-resume can speak a great deal for you, possibly acting as an “ice breaker”; it is also a convenient tool that can be used for friends and acquaintances to quickly pass along your contact information to potential employers.

A Condensed Imitation

A mini-resume is a very condensed imitation of your traditional resume. Many are printed like a business card or a brief printout highlighting your best qualifications. The pertinent information it should contain is your contact information that is prominently displayed usually in larger type face so it can be easily located. Always include an email address and, if you have one, the URL if an online full resume or professional profile. This makes it quite simple for any hiring manager to simply click a mouse to conveniently view all your particulars. Using a mini-resume while having a full online version for viewing, allows the additional opportunity to make a rather impactful first impression.

Keep it Targeted

Make sure to include your sought after job title by locating it just under the contact information; alternatively provide this type of information at the tip of the back side when printing a card mini-resume. When it comes to formatting the mini resume, you will need to present a snippet of your most compelling career, experience, skills and achievements. Try to avoid using long worded descriptions, however if there is space left over, feel free to add any additional information; as long as it is not too cluttered. It΄s best to actually consider using bullets to “list” your chosen data. Below are a couple mini resume samples for some visual guidance.

Experience Based Sample:

James Fortier
3413 Raver Croft Drive, Whitwell, TN 37397

Senior Art Director/Graphics Designer

• 10 Years experience as a Creative Studio Director
• Project Senior Graphics Designer with a good deal of industry contacts
• Project Development Manager with a proven track record for profitable completions
• Design Team Sales Liaison consulting for brainstorming ideas
• 8-Year Member of the National Association of Creative Directors (NACD)


• City of Boston
• Kraft Foods
• Bonwit Teller
• Tombstone Pizza

Education Based Example:

James Fortier
3413 Raver Croft Drive, Whitwell, TN 37397

Academic Qualifications

• University of Tennessee – PhD in Applied Quantum Physics, 2008
• Student Fellowship in Physics and Society – The American Physical Society, 2008
• Cambridge University – MS in Applied Engineering, 2007
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology – BS Engineering, 2006

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